National Programs

Higher Education

One reason HBCUs were established was to educate African Americans who were being denied access to predominantly white higher learning institutions. In that vain, we strive to help others have access to HBCUs or the higher learning institution of their choice.

Our Higher Education programs provide students with the tools they will need to prepare for colleges such as SAT Prep, drills in coding and engineering, and STEM opportunities. We provide in-person activities catered to exposing students to the knowledge that will help them explore all of their options when it comes to higher education, while also providing the physical materials they need to succeed.

• College Tours/Fairs
• Career/Job Fairs
• Higher Education/STEM
• Spring/Fall College Fairs
• Voter Education
• College Prep

Health & Wellness

Health disparities have long plagued the African American Community and the rates of chronic diagnosis are alarming. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer can have a negative impact on the quality and longevity of life for African Americans and our families. The Alliance is dedicated to increasing awareness and education about preventative measures for these chronic diseases within our respective communities.

Our chapters regularly hold wellness checks, health fairs, and also our signature 5k Run/Walk to bring together the community to know their numbers and gain information on how to prevent, cope and reverse the effects of these diseases. We help to educate the community on living well, regular exercise, and proper nutrition.

  • Community Health Fairs
  • Wellness Seminars
  • HBCU 5K Run/Walk


Yet another disparity affecting the African American Community is living within food deserts and areas in which proper nutrition is not readily available and plentiful. Additionally, lack of access to healthy food sources contribute to health disparities and chronic diseases like obesity and malnutrition. Our affiliate Chapters partner with local community food banks to help those who may be struggling with hunger. Our hunger programs serve as a stepping stone for our communities to learn how to prepare healthy meals and also allow access to a wider variety of nutritional needs.

• Hunger Awareness
• National Food Drives